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A very personal welcome…

Now, perhaps more than ever, we need to look deep into ourselves, come to know who and what we are and realise our place and purpose in this life. We are faced with many threats to our wellbeing, possibly even our survival. What should you, I or we do in the face of all this? Am I not powerless in front of such relentless and powerful forces? Even our ‘ordinary’ daily life seems to be eroding resilience, with increasing job insecurity, food shortages, rising prices, and failing health care systems; and then there’s politics!

Zen teaches understanding and acceptance, reflection and resistance, going both with and against the stream as circumstances require, but always from a compassionate heart, one that has been nurtured through deliberate effort, until you break through the ‘shackles on the mind’ and live a less confined life, living instead, in the boundlessness of reality ‘just as it is.’ Achieving this state of being, such that it comes naturally, make take some time, even decades, but Zen practice can bring about positive change right now, from your very first sitting of zazen.

I look forward to sharing my practice with you through this website, and I hope that you find this place of some use in nurturing your own practice.